About us

In more than 20 years, we have as a service entrepreneur delivered a wide range of services within the aircraft wash business. Since the year 2005 we have had the services in Copenhagen and Billund Airport under Danish Aircraft Wash. On that background, Danish Aircraft Wash has a great experience in the often time-sensitive services, which occurs in the aircraft business, and we thereby are fully understanding from our customers’ needs for great flexibility in our services. Danish Aircraft Wash are constantly developing technological, organizationally and on a communication platform and are focusing on the benefits in which the opportunity to prioritize and use of resources in the most important matters. Our employees are constantly going through education and instructors within services, so that Danish Aircraft Wash cans excide our customers wishes for changes and actual needs. On a management level Danish Aircraft Wash are as a family owned ApS company incredible stabile. The management is acting both in the strategic and operational work, which gives us the advantage to be in front with new development.

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Danish Aircraft Wash (DAW)

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